As of September 28th, EPOH Inc completed the process of updating our corporate identity. We are now IDEA Inc. – Integrated Design engineering + architecture.

“We are the same great team, with a fresh new name that tells our story”

Our firm was originally established in the early 1950s as an architectural practice and has evolved to include multi-disciplinary services including mechanical and electrical engineering, master planning, interior design and project management. You may have known us by many names over the last seven decades, most recently epoh, but IDEA Inc. completes our transformation and truly reflects our culture. Our firm still comprises of a deep pool of highly talented women and men who together form dynamic integrated design teams. We value diversity and work together to ensure every design solution balances vision and pragmatism, environmentally responsible design, and architectural and engineering excellence.

IDEA Inc. embodies the concept of “Integrated Design” which represents a holistic approach to high performance building design and construction. It relies upon every member of the project team sharing a vision of sustainability, and working collaboratively to implement well-coordinated building design solutions. Our proven process of project delivery results in better building solutions for our clients. Creativity, attention to detail and a deep knowledge of the art of design and the science of technology are hallmarks of our integrated design approach.

We appreciate your support regarding this period of positive growth. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.