The growing population of the congregation would have soon rendered the current facility, built in 1994, too small. With foresight, the congregation was looking at how to best situate a number of new activities and facilities, with the intention of constructing these in phases, as they are required, and as funds are raised.

The first phase involved an expansion of the existing meeting hall. 287m² was added on the north side to increase the capacity to 500 people. A 27m2 mezzanine was added overlooking the existing main hall to house a recording studio, video editing suite, and a control booth for the new theatrical lighting and sound systems that were installed throughout the main hall. The second phase included extensive renovations throughout the existing building that included kitchen upgrades, washroom upgrades, a new coffee bar and sitting area, and updates to finishes and mechanical/electrical systems throughout. The third phase addressed the exterior requirements. A new entrance with canopy was created, exterior finishes were upgraded, the parking lot was expanded and lighting was added, the driveway was reworked and landscape was addressed.