The design for the new front entrance at Collins Bay included the removal of the existing 1960s infill addition and replacing it with a new element that responds more sensitively to the existing heritage façade. Other goals of the project included: increasing functionality of the space, providing improved visitor traffic flow into and out of the prison, increasing the waiting area and seating within the entry area, improving visibility of for guards to see people approaching the correctional facility, and providing increased natural light for guards stationed at the entrance/security check point.

The new entrance provides universal accessibility with the use of automated entry doors and a low ramp to the low projecting perimeter entry plinth while also giving a solid visual base to the new entry element. The new entry building maintains visible and uncompromised sallyport-surrounding elements such as guard stations, entry-arch and carved institution name stones, and maintains security views around the perimeter. The entrance design provides for inner and outer vestibules and other security related functional requirements required to update and upgrade the prisons entry security screening capabilities. The construction budget for this project was $6.5 million.