The addition to an existing house in Westboro in Ottawa arose from the client’s desire to expand their living area in their two story 1950s brick house. The objective was to create more functional spaces in the rooms that were used most, namely the kitchen and the master bedroom. A new home office replaced the existing kitchen while the master bedroom became a new art studio.

The final addition’s design form was a truly collaborative process with the owners. As the owners had a distinctly modern inclination an effort was made to connect to the existing house in a respectful manner. The addition became a folded metal plane placed perpendicular to the west wall of the house. The west wall of the existing house was left exposed to the new interior space and allowed for a formal connection between the ground floor kitchen and the master bedroom loft through a double height space at the south end of the addition. The south wall of the addition cuts through the folded metal roof to provide a flood of natural light to the entire addition. The client was also very adept at seeing the intrinsic value of texture and many elements such as brick, exposed wood beams, wood features and glass were left uncovered to allow the enjoyment of their materiality.